Antique Georgian .62 Carat Rose Cut Diamond Navette Ring in 14k Gold and Silver

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- Georgian Diamond Ring
- c. 1790-1830
- 14k yellow gold, silver, 26 rose-cut diamonds with a combined weight of .62 carats

A lovely example of the rustic beauty of the graceful Georgian period, this 14k yellow gold navette ring features a glittering .62 carats of rose-cut diamonds. Complexly designed, three larger center stones are ringed by medium sized gems, with delicate single-point accents filling in the outer edge and enhancing the shoulder. As rose-cut diamonds are so shallow, this ring appears much larger than it weighs, and the stones give the appearance of being approximately 1.25 carats.

We love the gallery on this one, with its charmingly hand-crafted openwork scallops. Also note the way the bead settings carry down the ring's sides in claw-prong details, which elegantly tie into the gallery's scallops. This is a very thoughtfully made piece, and would have been crafted for someone of enormous wealth. Diamonds from this era were thousands of times rarer than today, with only a few hundred thousand carats found annually, versus today's roughly 130,000,000 carats. They were a thing of almost inconceivable value and rarity, worn solely by the supremely rich. This ring must have quite a history.

The diamonds are set, as was typical of this period, in silver-backed settings.

Size 6 - can be sized

- Face length: .68" / 17.3 mm
- Face width: .33" / 8.6 mm
- Band width: 3.93 mm at shoulders tapering to 2 mm at shank's narrowest point

- Weight: approximately .62 carats total
- Center diamond: .19 carats
- Cut: Rose
- Clarity: SI2-I1

Diamonds face-up much larger; rose-cut diamonds are very shallow, without a pavilion. This means they look about twice as large as they actually are, with this ring having the diamond surface area of a modern ring with approximately 1.25 carats of diamonds.

Very good antique. Four diamonds have have small chips at the girdles, visible only under magnification.

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