Victorian Stacking Hinged Pearl Turquoise and Diamond Ring in 18k Rose Gold

$ 500.00
- Antique Hinged Ring
- c. 1880
- 18k rose gold, pearls, turquoise, 10 rose-cut diamonds
- Purchased in Belgium, likely of Belgian or French making

This stunning ring is one of those rare treasures of Victorian jewelry that perfectly unites a boldly modern design sense with the spectacular materials and expert craftsmanship of the past. Five slim gold rings are hinged together for an easy-wearing, ready-made stack. Hinged together with a wonderfully interesting front hinge plate set with turquoise, uncultured pearls, and rose-cut diamonds. Striking and beautifully preserved, this piece is one of the very best.

About a size 7 - sizing is possible but will be more costly as this will require 5 separate sizing operations.

- Length: 20 mm
- Width at back: 8.75 mm
- Individual band width: .92 mm

Very good antique. No noted flaws.
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