Womens Forged Sterling Silver Antique Square Nail Cuff Bracelet Handmade

$ 170.00

- Forged Sterling Silver Square Nail Bangle

When we set out to create our slim and super-feminine nail bracelet, we knew we wanted it to be both elegant and completely classic. Modeled on the 1881 nails we pulled out of our Victorian home, this sterling silver bracelet is hand-forged the ancient way, all from one piece of sterling silver. We studied traditional blacksmith's nail-making techniques to ensure our bracelet is spot-on accurate, and then we buffed and polished it to a perfect smooth finish.

We use argentium silver, a sterling alloy that is slightly purer than traditional sterling silver at 93.5% fine silver. Argentium is more tarnish-resistant, harder, and whiter than traditional sterling. Fine silver is the whitest metal on earth (whiter than platinum and white gold), and with its higher percentage of pure silver, argentium is the whitest metal on the market.

- Available with or without lettering. This size bracelet can hold only one stamped character. If you'd like a longer phrase, please select engraving; we can fit up to 10 characters.
- Available in 10k, 14k, and 18k white or yellow gold as well; please message for quote.

- Nails will vary a bit from piece to piece, as they are hand-formed.
- Please allow 3 weeks lead time; bracelets are made to order.

Please enter exact wrist size at checkout.

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